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Ryan Stock - Comedy Daredevil
Ask. Me. Anything.

How many world records do you hold?

I have set and held over 30 world records with several record keeping authorities. My favorites are the ones that involve pulling vehicles. I have the Guinness record for "The heaviest vehicle pulled with a swallowed sword." and another for "The heaviest vehicle pulled with the nasal canal." To perform this stunt I force a large hook into my nose and it comes out my mouth then I attach the hook to a car and pull it over 20 feet.

Have you ever been injured on stage?

Injuries are part of the job when performing a stunt show but the injuries never happen on stage. The injuries always happen while learning or rehearsing brand new material, by the time an act is on stage it is well rehearsed and perfected.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

This is a question everyone asks but is really difficult to answer. My career has seen me jumping off buildings, diving from aeroplanes and crashing cars, however the stage show features stunts that could go wrong without even knowing it. Every night when I swallow a sword with a 90 degree curve and twist it all the way around inside my body I'm risking serious injury and even death.

Did you eat paste as a kid?

yup!... and Crayons

Does it hurt?

That's a question I get after every show, the short answer is "yes." The long answer is most of my stunts involve a level of danger or discomfort; The discomfort becomes normal after years of practice and my body has learned to block that sensation without even thinking about it. the dangerous ones only hurt if they go wrong.

You have shared the stage with a lot of famous people, who are some of your favourites?

I've worked with many bands including Godsmack, Steel Panther, Billy Talent and Vanilla Ice, but my favorite celebrities that I've shared the stage with would have to be Ellen Degeneres and Jay Leno.

Where did the name "Comedy Daredevil" come from?

I spent a long time trying to come up with a title for what I do. I do tricks, but I'm not a magician. I perform many variations of the old sideshow acts, but I'm not a sideshow. While researching comedy stunt performers of the past I discovered Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton and others performing the lost art of "Daredevil Comedy" and I said "That's it, that's what I do."

Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration comes from all over the place, sometimes it comes from old Vaudeville and circus acts of the past. sometimes it comes from walking through a hardware store and sometimes it comes from fans of the show, people pitch ideas or come up with stunts and jokes that end up finding their way into the show.

What stunt scares you most?

The easy answer is "The newest stunt" every time I'm working on a new routine the scariest part is the unknown. currently I'm working on an act that involves swallowing the barrel of a rifle and firing a dart down my throat. That's still scary each and every time.

Boxers or briefs?


What do your parents think of what you do?

My parents bought me my first torches and a book called "How to eat fire" when I was fourteen, also my Mom and I play a game together where we swallow about 3 feet of string and then pull it back out, nobody really wins but it feels pretty cool... I guess you could say they're pretty supportive.

What can people expect if they come to your show?

First and foremost expect to Laugh and have a good time, it is a comedy show. People should also prepare themselves to be shocked, amazed and at times even scared. This is a stunt show with dangerous feats of skill and daring but it's performed in a well rehearsed, tongue in cheek, comedic manner that has entertained millions of people around the world.

Can I punch you in the stomach?

No man, that's how Houdini died!

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