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Ryan Stock - Comedy Daredevil
Ryan Stock Swinging
Stan Lee"I guess that does make him Superhuman."
- Stan Lee
Ellen Degeneres"You have to see it for yourselves!"
- Ellen Degeneres
Dave Attell"He's Danger incarnate"
- Dave Attell
Jay Leno"Don't do That! Don't Do That, NOOOOOO!"
- Jay Leno
Steve Harvey"A prime example of what crazy people do in their spare time..."
- Steve Harvey
The Amazing Johnathan"They always steal the show. The faces of the audience members watching says it all!"
- Amazing Johnathan
Tory Bellaci"You guys are insane! I love it!"
- Tory Belleci
Dave Navarro"Nice! You know I am a fan"
- Dave Navarro
Sid Haig"Ryan Stock and AmberLynn are off the fu**ing hook!"
- Sid Haig
Jim Rose"The most amazing thing ever in the history of show business."
- Jim Rose
Ryan holds over 30 world records and was featured in the 2010, 2014, 2015, and 2016 Guinness Book of World Records. He is often flown around the world to perform his amazing feats for live events and on international TV programs.

Award of Merit Five Star Reviews Best Stunt Discovery Channel
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